Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cupcake Review: Leda's Bake Shop

With no more great cupcakes left in Santa Monica after Le Cupcake shut down. (Oh, and I investigated the scene myself. The whole mall is shut down for renovation, so it probably wasn't that folks were not enjoying their treats as much as I was.) Anyway, I headed up to Sherman Oaks, CA to Leda's Bakeshop. I had the pleasure of driving past the Sherman Oak's Galleria, which is kind of in the sweet movie Kickin' it Old Skool which you should definately check out if you have not already. Anyway... I really loved Leda's. The staff are so friendly and nice. There are just TONS of samples everywhere.. brownies, cookies, scones... once you pop, you can't stop.

They specialize in mini-cupcakes and they have a wide variety, inluding vegan. I tried the dulce de leche. It had a tasty dollup of real.. leche.. under the buttery frosting and atop the vanilla cake. I also tried the pumpkin, this time with fresh orange, under the frosting. The only thing I would not recommend is eating the cupcakes in the car on the drive home; only because Leda's keep their cuppies in the fridge until you take them home and the cold icing tastes too much like biting into a stick of butter. But, once things warm up a little, you're good to go.

Leda's also has class. Not only do you walk in there and see beautiful displays of mouth-watering treats, but Ledette (the owner) prompty emailed me back when I asked how they go about getting their perfect little fondant decorations. I made some and the fondant is SO much easier than the very difficult gumpaste I have wrestled with in the past. I plan on making some little hearts for V-day.

Did I mention they make the CUTEST cupcakes in town with the prettiest fondant decorations? They also make larger wedding and other cakes which are just as pretty.

Leda's Bake Shop
13722 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA