Saturday, March 6, 2010

Got our first box of produce from JR Organics Farm!

I am so happy about our first box of fresh, local organic produce from JR Organics. Everything is just so fresh and beautiful and I can't wait to try everything. We got (all for $30!), organic:

  • 2 heads of lettucs (red and butter)
  • Swiss chard although to me it looks like bok choy
  • Easter egg radish.. now I see why they call it that because of the beautiful mix of round radishes that look like Easter eggs!
  • broccoli
  • FAT Spring onions
  • cute bumpy little carrots
  • rosemary
  • strawberries
  • four avocados
  • four oranges
  • three huge apples
Check out the photos below. Any recipe ideas??


Nicole Harter, CHC said...

So beautiful...wondering why I haven't moved to the west coast, simply for the beautiful produce. Seriously jealous while I wait until May until my CSA starts...