Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My first attempt at truffle fries

If you've never had truffle fries, you need to get yourself down to Josie or a similar establishment and order them now! The flavor and aroma are just so amazing. I created a post about this before but basically the deliciousness comes from truffle oil. Now, you wont really find oil from a truffle anywhere. What you will find is oil infused with truffle aroma. So, I finally picked the oil up and attempted to make some "oven" fries with it. I used russet potatoes because they are on the "high levels of antioxidants" list. I knew the fries would be good tossed with the oil at the last minute, but since I needed to put something on them to go in the oven I drizzled both olive and truffle oil on the raw potatoes and immediately saw it was too much. The potatoes just didn't need that much oil and they soaked it up like a sponge. Then, the aroma of the truffle burned off! So, I just had to throw some more truffle oil on the cooked potatoes. They did come out quite tasty, but my goal was to create something that wouldn't be crazy fattening. SO, next time I plan to just spray the taters with some olive oil spray (which currently I am out of) and then toss the fries in the truffle oil at the end. I also tossed in some salt and finely chopped (or "dusted" as my cooking teacher called it) parsely.