Saturday, September 26, 2009

A few low calorie finds

This calorie-counting thing, along with more exercising, is definitely working. I just need to keep it up! Along with fruits and veggies, there are some packaged food I've really been enjoying, so I thought I'd share:

Spectrum Coconut Spray Oil
I usually use an extra virgin olive oil spray when cooking, but I was really excited to find this because coconut oil is so good for you. I use it when preparing desserts or anything that might be complemented with the taste of coconut. Actually, I haven't even tasted the coconut in the food.

La Tortilla Factory Low Carb Tortillas
I can't find a good picture of these but look for them with the other tortillas in the super market. These things are awesome! They're only 50 calories with fiber and protein and are very filling. So far I have only made sandwiches with them but the Hungry Girl 200 under 200 book has all kinds of recipes.

Single Serving Cottage Cheese
These are awesome to bring to work for a snack. The 2% fat kind is creamy and delicious and 90 calories. With protein and calcium, it's really a healthy choice, especially for peeps like me who don't like yogurt : P