Friday, February 6, 2009

Mexican Sloppy Joes

I just made such a delicious, quick, healthy, cheap meal that I have to share it with you. Of course, I was just throwing things in a pan and not thinking anything great would come out of it so I don't have exact measurements but here goes:

Mexican Sloppy Joes (for one)
Delicious and less than 300 calories!
  • 1.5 Tablespoons diced onion

  • 4 oz lean ground turkey (I crumbled up a pre-portioned turkey burger, you could use beef if you prefer).

  • A little less than a Tablespoon of taco seasoning. I keep a big container of this in the house.

  • A squeeze of Contadina pizza squeeze (I like to keep this in the fridge, that way I can always throw together an English muffin pizza). You could also use a little tomato sauce or ketchup for this recipe.

  • I used Orowheat (or Thomas') on the east coast Double Fiber English muffins for a bun, but you could use any bun or bread really.

  1. Spray a pan with olive oil spray and heat it up. Add your onions for a minute.

  2. Crumble in the meat, add the seasoning and sauce.

  3. Cook until browned and place on the bottom of the toasted English muffin or bun and top with the other one.