Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Restaurant Week: Nine Thirty at the W Hotel

Nine Thirty on UrbanspoonOur first restaurant week meal was at the Nine Thirty at the W Hotel for lunch on Sunday afternoon. I just love the W hotels because of how beautifully they are decorated. The restaurants are the same way so the ambiance was very nice. Click here for Nine Thirty's menu.

I am re-posting the review I wrote on Facebook where I was the only one to write one because people on Facebook like to join groups and then do nothing else in the group. But anyway..
I had the Roasted Kobacha Squash Soup (picture above) which I think was delicious and better than the two salads on the menu, both of which my companions ordered.

I got the Chicken Frite for the entree (picture to the right). The chicken was good but the Truffle Oil Fries and Wilted Spinach were the best things on the plate.. but I love fries with truffle oil..

My boyfriend's salmon was good (pictured below), but the star of his plate was the spaghetti squash.
Finally, we all had the Pear Upside Down Cake (picture at the bottom) which was pretty good, a little dry, but the accompanying maple ice cream was delicious.
I am on a quest now to find some truffle oil to cook with. I was at the regular 'ol supermarket yesterday and they had two kinds, black and white, both for 20 bucks each. This is going to take a little research...

Nine Thirty at the W Hotel
930 Hilgard Ave
Los Angeles, CA


TonyC said...

930's menu looked pretty decent. we ALMOST made it. Looks like went to 930 as well during DineLA week...

As far as truffle oill... According to the NY Times, it's mostly fake..

White Truffle is far more expensive and far more rare than Black Truffles. Then again, it's 2x as pungent so...

Alexis said...

Tony- Thanks for the link.. very interesting article. I do love the taste though.. chemicals or not. I'll have to do some serious evaluation of the truffle products out there before choosing.