Monday, January 28, 2008

LA Valentine Cupcake Round-Up

I did everyone a favor and researched what was going on in the world of LA cupcakes for Valentine's Day. Here's what I found:

Sprinkles is doing their XOX box. It's a dozen cupcakes and includes four flavors: chocolate marshmallow (Belgian dark chocolate filled with vanilla marshmallow), red HOT velvet (red velvet cake with spicy cinnamon cream chease frosting), and their vanilla and chocolate cupcakes (in case you're feeling a little more ordinary). The price isn't on the webpage so I am guessing it is pretty steap.

Yummy Cupcakes has a bunch of stuff going on:

  • They've made 10 red and pink cupcake flavors/variations for the occasion.. they even put pink glitter sugar on one of them and another is in a heart shape NICE! Flavors include mostly vanilla bean.
  • A lovely dozen red velvets with pretty red roses on top.. all for the bargain price of $72.
  • For those who are into plastic, you can get six pretty ones in a nice plastic box with a red ribbon for $52.
  • Finally, for the more brown-bagging set, we've got a ganache dipped cuppy with strawberry buttercream and a groovy heart cut-out candy. At a down right cheap $5.50, this would be my pick. Moving on.

Leda's has stated that their cupcakes "will be decorated with beautiful fondant hearts". Now, this is super-sweet.: You can have a personalized message written with mini-cupcakes in your choice of flavors and colors! That's what I'm talkin' about!

I know this is literally a stretch but the Frosted Cupcakery in the LBC (Long Beach to be precise) proudly announces that the very pink flavor, strawberry, will be back on Februrary 1. Phew, so glad to hear it.

Now, the rest of the local places haven't posting anything on their site, at least not yet. I'll see if I have some time to call them and get the scoop... so check back.