Monday, January 28, 2008

Valentine Cupcake Inspiration

I did not make this cupcake. It was made by BlueEyes24 (on Flickr)

I't's that time again, kids. Time to redirect all the dissapointments of your love life (well, not mine : ) to, you guessed it SUGAR!!! But really, I have a whole new appreciation of holidays since I started making cupcakes. It just brings all the childhood-like fun into everything.

So... we must make Valentine cupcakes, right? But what should they look like? Feast your eyes on the sweet Flickr photo pool to the right and check 'em out ---------->

(Tip: Rollover the photo to scroll to more faster)

I realize the photos to the right kind of stink..I mean, only a couple are good. I am trying desparately folks to find a way to show more cool photos. In the mean time, go to this link for the most gorgeous Valentine cupcakes you'll ever see: