Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tomato Basil Mozzarella Salad

I know this is an easy, obvious thing to make. But, it tasted so good I thought I'd post about it real quick. If anything, I just want to remind you of how tasty this simple salad is. I really think it is the fresh basil that makes it. I bought a basil plant... it died. I've got this little window box herb garden just outside of my apartment. But, with the California summer sun, the basil was just too delicate. Rosemary seems to stay alive nicely, along with mint and oregano, for a while. At any rate, if you can keep fresh herbs around, they are pretty much the best way to make things instantly delicious.

For my salad, I sliced up Roma tomatoes. I used small mozzarella balls so no prep there, and placed them and the fresh basil leaves on top of the tomatoes. I drizzled extra virgin olive oil and WHITE, yes, white balsamic vinegar on top. It's lighter than regular balsamic but still adds some of that great flavor. Some salt and pepper and you're all set. Enjoy it with your next pizza, stuffed peppers, or antipasto.