Sunday, September 2, 2007


I am making an effort to live a healthier life. I meditated and went to the gym this morning. With my boyfriend gone for a week, I thought this would be a really good time to start (you know how it is ladies). I figured a good, and fun, thing I could do would be to start experimenting with some healthier cupcakes, hence the anise cupcakes I just made. The fact that they were vegan and made with agave nectar is what made them healthier. However, there is no way I am making cupcakes today.. it's too hot!

Also, despite getting plenty of vitamin D from living in sunny California, I decided to get back into taking vitamins, so I reviewed what I had and did some research. I decided to use the Women's Health Magazine vitamin guidelines. They say that it's actually very easy to take too many of certain kinds of vitamins and end up with adverse affects. It makes me wonder what I was doing back in the day when I used to load up on Women's Ultra Mega, extra vitamin C's, and other supplements. Crazy! In addition to what they've recommended, I also plan to take some good Omega 3's, which have a lot of health benefits.

Wishing you good health..