Sunday, August 19, 2007

Inn of the Seventh Ray

I haven't written about many restaurants, mostly because of procrastination. But I'd like to tell you about the Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga Canyon. It's one of the most beautiful restaurants I've ever been to. Keep in mind it is fancy and expensive.. my boyfriend took me here for for my birthday. Beginning with the drive to the restaurant, it's an experience. Coming from the Pacific Coast Highway, you drive into the canyon between the mountains and into the cool, country-like serenity of Topanga. It's been called the most romantic restaurant in Los Angeles, and just from the website you can see why. It's almost all outside under canopies and trees. Tables are set in natural nooks along winding paths or next to the creek, said to give off "violet ray" energy from mother earth. Yes, that's right. The premise of the restaurant is its closeness to natural things, and the food reflects that. They try to stick to organic, locally grown, natural foods. The chickens are free-range, the grains whole, and nothing is refined. There are many vegan choices, including the bread served with the meal. I had the fillet mignon and my boyfriend had the lamb. It really was fantastic. The music playing in the background is serene and new-agey, and complements the sounds of water flowing from the creek. It's beautiful day or night, and it's especially nice to see both. We got there at sunset and as it got darker, the strings of lights through the garden added just enough light with the candles to create a lovely setting. I would definitely suggest going there to get your romance on!