Friday, August 3, 2007

cupcakes go mobile!

Let's face it, cupcakes have always been mobile. Why else would you take a perfectly good cake, shrink it down to the site of your palm, and wrap a disposable, neat little jacket around it. To take it with you! I've been thinking about this lately (i know you just pictured some chick sitting on her couch pondering cupcakes all day long, but I have been doing this thinking in between lots of other stuff that I do), and why do they call it a "cup" cake? Because it fits in a cup? It doesn't look like a cup. Well, regardless, apparently someone named it a cup, and therefore it rightly should go in a cup HOLDER. Now, I tried this, and cupcakes do fit in my car's cup holder.

So, in a world of lunches grabbed at a drive-through window and eaten while talking on the phone going 70 miles per hour down the 405, I say, grab a cupcake. They are easy to eat on the run, hold up quite well in purses and work bags, and give you a quick burst of energy, not to mention a look on your face like you just did something naughty, which is always attractive.