Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Perfect Cupcake Liner

When you think about cupcake liners, what would you change? Make them cuter! Yes, yes.. Make them smaller? But they do have mini cupcake liners. But those are too small. You're right, that's true. What else? Make them peel off the cupcake better? Good one!!

Well, you can image my delight to find a cupcake liner that has it all! They are a perfect size and and even a perfect shape, cooking up into a nice, medium-sized wedge. They are also super cute! Check out the cute colors and pictures. They also just POP right off the cakes when you're eating them, leaving a perfectly formed dessert to enjoy sans liner.

"Where can I get them?" Good question. I am still looking for them online, but I bought mine at the Japanese dollar store in Little Tokyo. So, next time you're in that area.. pop on in and pick some up for yourself!