Saturday, January 2, 2010

Healthy New Year's Resolutions

Hey everyone. So, I've pretty much been eating and drinking anything I've wanted over the past 6 weeks. It was the holidays! Now that it's January I am excited to be getting on to a healthier track. It can be a full time job just keeping up with the latest in nutrition and health, but what I have learned in my spare time this year has convinced me to make the following changes. Note that I am NOT giving up my chicken wings and churros and all those other yummies that make life happier. But, when I am cooking at home I resolve to do the following most of the time (this is stuff I have been building up to so it's not as drastic a change as it seems). Now, if this bores you and you're disappointed that you might not be reading about yummy unhealthy foods, no need to worry, as I've mentioned, this is not a full-time thing so there should still be something for everyone on this blog.

  • Buy only organic unless there is no choice. This includes fruit, veggies, grains, dairy, eggs, and meats/poultry.
  • Try to eat poultry or meat only once per day.
  • Make sure I get three servings of fish/seafood per week (that's pretty easy for me).
  • Eat only low mercury fish/seafood (no swordfish, king mackerel, shark, or golden snapper).
  • Supplements: Take my omega 3's and experiment with coconut oil supplements as well. Take 1000mg of folic acid a day or make sure I get it from food.
  • Eat more super foods, especially those for pregnant women (I am NOT pregnant but it's never too soon to start loading up on calcium, iron, and zinc, if anything just to get into the habit.
  • I've gradually replaced my plastic and non-stick utensils and cookware with only metal, wood, and bamboo. This included cutting boards, spatulas, etc.
  • Never microwave in plastic. Try to reduce microwaving as much as possible.
  • Replaced plastic water bottles with metal.
  • No more canned foods unless they are BPA free. This pretty much just leaves Eden beans. This is pretty ridiculous since I grew up eating canned tomatoes but what can I say.
  • Minimal processed foods such as frozen dinners (which pretty much forced me to microwave in plastic).
  • Slowly incorporate more raw foods into my diet.
  • Start juicing! Ordered my juicer yesterday and I can't wait to get it. My goal is to get at least one good veggie juice in me per day.
I'll post stuff as I go along. Wish me luck!!!