Friday, December 11, 2009

San Francisco Treat

I've been in San Francisco all week for a training class and have been trying some tasty new restaurants. My classmates have been great about wanting to try places so I've been lucky. I am staying in the SOMA area and there are so many great places here!!! I am jealous.

Anchor and Hope
Got a couple of tasty happy hour oysters and fried calamari with a beer. Then, got the trout with Brussels sprouts and butternut squash. The sprouts were particularly amazing and served totally flaked out, not round, with almonds and shallots.

Yank Sing
Dim sum for a business lunch!! Need I say more? This place totally redeemed SF after a bad Chinatown dim sum experience a few years ago. I'm back baby, I'm back!

Taylor's Automatic Refresher
YUM!! Beer, blue cheese burger, garlic fries.. : ))

Osha Thai
This is place was awesome. I might actually go back before I leave. I got this amazing seafood curry. Osha has many of your typical Thai dishes but they're more refined ans flavors better put together than the usual. I usually don't get seafood in Thai restaurants because the places seem a little questionable but I felt totally fine getting it here.

This is a Mexican restaurant where I had some of the best tacos ever.. shrimp tacos as well as a slow-cooked pork belly taco. The pork taco was amazing.