Saturday, March 7, 2009

Carnival Cruise Food and a New Indian Restaurant go-to in Santa Monica

Sorry I haven't posted, folks. I was sick for a week, then I went on vacation for a week, then I started a new job this past week so I've been really busy. We went on a Caribbean cruise last week on Carnival. I've posted in the past about how good the food was on the Princess cruise we took. Well, sorry I can't say the same about Carnival. The breakfast and lunch buffets were straight up bad. We ended up getting continental breakfast delivered every morning (cereal and milk, or very good bagels with salmon and cream cheese) so, that was a good option. You could also get pizza and burgers practically anytime, and those were decent. Sometimes there was a good dish during the lunch buffet. We never tried the "seated" breakfast or lunch. The seated dinner was decent overall. A few times the meals missed the mark.. the red meats just weren't of good quality, but I do remember the lobster bisque, shrimp, and some other dishes being very good. The coffee was straight up awful! I would like to go on another Carnival cruise though, because it really is fun with all the entertainment and fun things going on, but I will have to bring my own coffee next time.

And now for something completely different.. last night we were driving around looking for some Indian food and we stumbled across the All India Cafe on Santa Monica Blvd. It was great! We got the Lamb Saag and the Chicken Nirvana which were both very tasty and interestingly spiced. The ambiance, service, and price was also very good. This will now be our go-to Indian food close to home.

All India Cafe
12113 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA


SinoSoul said...

we were JUST thinking about taking a cruise and I vetoed (again) due to the food situation. it's just TOO scary to be trapped on a ship w/ crap food for a week!

Alexis said...

Sino.. as I mentioned in a previous post, the Princess food is very good.. I think I am going on a Norwegian cruise in the Fall so I'll post about that then.