Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What do I have to do to get a good sub around here??

Bud's Famous Deli & Desserts on UrbanspoonI just tried out a place I've driven by many times in Santa Monica. I am from Boston, so I know that my sub standards are high, but with a sign called 'Bud's FAMOUS Deli and Desserts", I figured they might have something good going on here. I asked for a turkey sub, they don't really do those.. but they can put it on a "roll". Although the turkey meat was plentiful and tasty, they put a FREAKIN' KRAFT SINGLE on my sandwhich when I asked for American cheese. I mean, come on! Even out here you can buy white Land o' Lakes wicked cheap.

Step it up, Bud..


Katharine said...

go to bay cities deli!! yum!