Monday, January 7, 2008

Le Cupcake: Best Cupcakes in Santa Monica

I said it.

It's true. Don't be fooled by Le Cupcake's less than stellar location: Santa Monica Place (mall). Le Cupcake's frosting is the only one in the area with that real, buttery taste. I especially like the vanilla/vanilla combo with it's very faint taste of almond. The cakes are moist and they do a few (about 8, that's a few here in cupcake land) things right without trying too hard with a ton of crazy flavors. The chocolate/banana is also great.

Also, did I mention there is never a crazy long line like some places (Sprinkles)? AND, their boxes have special cupcake inserts so your $20 worth of cupcakes haven't wiped out by the time you get home, like with some places (Yummy). What's not to like?