Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hot Diggity Dog!

Perry's Cafe Bike & Skate on UrbanspoonIt's been a long day and I've had a lot of sun. Fat kitty (Albert) sits beside me rolling himself onto his back and breathing heavily as he cools off next to the fan. Today was a LESS than optimal day at the beach. I mean, there were just a million people there. After sitting in traffic for 20 minutes waiting for the privilege to pay $8.00 to park at a public beach, I thought I found a good spot in the sand. I kept a decent, polite amount of space between me and my neighbors, kind of like when you're driving and you keep a good distance between you and the car in front of you, but peeps STILL squeeze in. Every time I looked up, someone and their whole family and their 3 course meal and umbrella were plunking down next to me. Then, they proceeded to act like they were the only people on the beach just YELLing to one another, tossing footballs, playing heavy-metal music, pick your side, they were there. When my butt was so full of sand I needed to shower off, no one would give me my turn at the showers. People around here just act like the don't see the other millions of people, it is so rude!! Just when I had enough and was moving all my stuff in a huff, I was stung by a bee.

So, what might you ask made this a good trip to the beach? I did get some color, so that was nice, but overall it was my deeeeelicious hot dog from Perry's Cafe on the Pacific Coast Highway. Just a short walk on the paved bike/walking path north from the Santa Monica Pier is my favorite hot dog. I am from the east coast (Boston, New York, had 'em all) and I can honestly say this. I tried to take a picture but my phone was dying. Let me describe it then: a big fat juicy grilled dog on a big toasty bun loaded up with everything. Soo, good, man!! Their burgers are also excellent. So, next time you are at a Santa Monica beach, grab all your stuff in a huff and head on over to Perry's. It will save the day.

Perry's Cafe