Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Journey of a Million Miles..

One of my favorite quotes of all time I actually heard in an episode of Roseanne, one of my favorite TV programs of all time. It is: "A Journey of a Million Miles Begins with One Step." It was said by Jacqui, Roseanne's skinny and loveably messed up sister. Not that a blog should seem like a million miles, something insanely daunting and not fun, but somehow it seemed like a good start to things. Basically, this will be my food blog. I know, I know, who needs another food blog? No one does, that's who. But I felt the need to create one because I love food. I also like reading a few blogs. So, maybe this will be fun.

I was going to make a blog about healthy food, but not everything I want to post would technically be "healthy" (whatever that is). So, I thought "happy" would be a better word to use. So, some things are healthy, some are not, but all of them should be yummy and all of them should make you happy, like a rainbow makes you happy* (* If a rainbow doesn't make you happy, then you might have some problems).

Some of the posts and photos will be food from local establishments. I live on LA's west side, and there is a lot of good food here. One can only try to to refrain from taking a picture of her plate with her Hello Kitty pink bling cell phone to the utter dismay of her dining companions. But, it needs to be done. Some of the food will be stuff I make, in which case I will certainly post the recipe IF I can remember what I put in it by the time I am done. I wouldn't want to post some shoddy estimate and have you try it and then post nasty comments in my fresh new blog.

Well, I am off!

Amendment 1: Sometimes I will post about other things just because I feel like it.
Amendment 2: I am fully aware that there are lots of great moderate to expensive priced restaurants in my area. I purposely write about the lower to moderate costing ones. I don't think I am cheap, and I am not poor. I just think you shouldn't have to spend too much to eat great food. We go to fancy restaurants on birthdays, anniversaries, times like that. Plus, don't you think it's more of a challenge finding affordable yummies?